Quadrangle Development Corporation


Logo Files

TERMS OF USE: Print - Web - Signage

The Quadrangle logo consists of a logomark (an emblem) and logotype (the letters that spell out the name.) The two should generally be used in conjunction, and not separated.
Both flush left and centered configurations of the logo exist.

COLOR: Whenever possible, the logo appears in a very dark green. The color values are:
PMS (Pantone Matching System - for print): 446
CMYK (Four-color process -- for print): 21/0/23/75
RGB (for web): 75/91/82
When color is not available, the logo should appear in black.
A white logo reversed out of a dark background is acceptable.

PRINT - WEB: As permitted by the stated resolutions (dpi). EPS files may be scaled to any size. Logomark and logo type must maintain the same relationship in size.
SIGNAGE: EPS files may be scaled to any size. Use only the configurations designated for signage.

NO ALTERATIONS Please do not:
• substitute other typefaces for the logotype
• change the configurations of logomark and logotype.
• alter the angles of the logomark.
• enclose the logo, or add it to another shape
• skew, stretch, condense, or rotate the logo.
• animate the logo
• fill the bars of the logomark with imagery
• add "effects" such as drop shadows, etc.
• use the logomark to function as a graphic element such as a bullet, text ending (dingbat), map icon, or decorative background.

Or to obtain a format not posted here: